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An Overview of the Fujikura Kasei Global Network

Fujikura Kasei

Fujikura Kasei, also known as FKK, is the parent company and is known globally for coatings for automotive applications, electronics and cosmetic packaging. The company is also known for the development of specialty polymers and resin systems. Fujikura Kasei is responsible for development, sales, and support in Asia, India, and Pakistan.

Fujikura Kasei company overview

Since its establishment in 1938, Fujikura Kasei, an order made chemical manufacturer, has been expanding its business by satisfying the requirements from customers. Fujikura Kasei’s functional chemical technology is used in various products, from cutting-edge electronics that support space development to housing coatings that make our daily life more comfortable. All of our technologies are developed through our in-house effort. We are fully equipped with exceptionally talented employees who have inventive and challenging minds. Our aim is to become one of the leading chemical companies in the defined market segments. We will continue to strengthen our core business, which includes coatings for plastics, architectural coatings, electro-conductive materials, and specialty polymers & resins, while improving our technology to meet market needs.

Especially for the plastic coating business, we have been the leading manufacturer for many years due to our ability to formulate unique coatings. Also in the field of environmentally friendly products, such as waterborne coatings, we are leading the domestic market and getting more attention in the overseas markets.

The credibility of our technology formulated to date enables this globalization. We are in the stage of taking steps forward with our technology which is essential in the global market. We will also improve our products and drive forward new business by combining technologies within the FGN and matching them with market trends.


Fujikura Kasei has established joint ventures with longtime partners to support sales and manufacturing in China through three regional facilities. The Northern region (including Tianjin and Beijing) is supported by Fujikura Kasei Coating (Tianjin) (FKCT), an entity established in 2004. The Shanghai and surrounding regions will be supported by Shanghai Fujikura Kasei Coating (SFKC). SFKC will start its operations in November 2012. Fujikura Kasei (Foshan) Coating (FKFC) was established in 2005 to support customers in the Guangdong region (including Guangzhou) and surrounding areas. FKCT, SFKC, and FKFC supply FGN products and technical service for customers in their respective regions.

The ASEAN region is covered by Fujikura Kasei (Thailand) (FKKT). This manufacturing and sales facility in Bangkok, Thailand, was established as a joint venture in 2002. Fujikura Kasei Coating India (FKCI) was established as a joint venture between Fujikura Kasei and Red Spot in 2011. FKCI has developed the forward lighting and automotive coating business in India by supplying FGN products and technical service for customers.

Red Spot

Red Spot was the first manufacturer to produce a coating for use on plastic. We have developed advanced technologies for automotive applications, forward lighting, sporting goods and functional coatings markets. Red Spot Paint is responsible for development, sales, and support in North & South America as well as Korea.

Red Spot has an A2LA Accredited laboratory for testing which provides top quality physical testing in a timely and efficient manner. The lab can provide testing to a wide range of automotive specifications with an experienced staff and state of the art equipment to satisfy OEM requirements. Services include environmental testing, abrasion testing, mechanical testing, and accelerated weathering testing.

Additionally, Red Spot has an established Analytical Sciences Department. Red Spot’s Analytical Sciences Department is committed to helping the customer understand and solve problems that may arise in the coating process. Advanced chemical instrumentation including an infrared spectrometer, scanning electron and optical microscopes as well as a gas chromatograph are used for this purpose. Defect analysis, contamination and film builds are some of the issues handled by the laboratory.

Arpol Red Spot Tintas

Arpol Red Spot Tintas (ARST) is a joint venture between Red Spot Paint and its longtime partner in Brazil; Arpol Tintas. Since the alliance between Red Spot and Arpol began in 2003, Arpol has also become the supplier of choice to all forward lighting and all Japanese automotive interior customers in South America.

Red Spot Korea

Red Spot Korea is a Red Spot majority owned joint venture established in 1998 to serve the South Korean market with locally manufactured UV curable coatings. With its strong organization, Red Spot Korea has been able to capture a majority share of the forward lighting business in Korea and is expanding to serve the Korean market with additional products from Red Spot’s portfolio.

Fujichem Sonneborn

Fujichem Sonneborn Ltd. was a privately owned company until its acquisition by Fujikura Kasei in 2010, which completed the Fujikura Kasei Global Network (FGN).

Fujichem Sonneborn Ltd was founded in 1899 and encompasses over 112 years of innovation in coatings technology.  By embracing our customer’s future needs and interpreting these through our unique blend of advanced coating technology and colour design capability, Fujichem Sonneborn continues to grow its reputation in Europe as being a quality supplier of coating solutions.

The company continues to invest in People, Research & Development and its Manufacturing capability, enabling it to move towards its strategic target of Developing Environmental Friendly, High Performance Solutions for the market place.

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