Forward Lighting

Automotive Forward Lighting

With over 20 years’ experience in UV formulation and commercialization, the partners within the Fujikura Kasei Global Network have earned a reputation for creating cutting-edge UV solutions for a wide variety of applications. Having developed the first approved UV curable hardcoat for automotive forward lighting, we are the acknowledged pioneer in the use of UV in the automotive industry. Our formulating knowledge as well as our expertise in applying and processing UV on 3-D parts and in UV application techniques and line design firmly positions us as the industry leader. Never content to rest on our past successes, we are excited to launch our new UVT610 “Gen IV” automotive product line to compliment the industry standard, UVT200.

A Worldwide Advantage

Our expertise in forward lighting extends beyond the Fujikura Kasei Global Network, into subsidiaries, affiliates, global licensees, and technical partners.  Our worldwide coverage ensures that there will always be consistency in formulation and quality standards.  You are guaranteed identical quality and performance, regardless of which partner in the Network has manufactured the coating.  Beyond the coating itself, the FGN provides global technical support to assist in any way.

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