We are pleased to introduce relocation of Fujikura Kasei (Thailand) Co., Ltd., (“FKKT”) as a subsidiary of Fujikura Kasei Co., Ltd to new factory and office in Asia Industrial Estate Suvarnabhumi (AIES).
The total site area is expanded to 4 times that of the former factory, and the manufacturing capacity is increased to 100 tons per month. FKKT starts to equip Technical Laboratory which makes FKKT as local development & manufacturing center in ASEAN & India region for the purpose of further customer satisfaction in this market.

Some facts about Fujikura Kasei (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Total area: 11,000m2, (Factory: 2,000m2, Warehouse: 840m2, Office: 1,200m2)
Local Color-matching solvent borne & water borne paint

Contact information:
Fujikura Kasei (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
88/69 Asia Industrial Estate Suvarnabhumi (AIES)
Moo 4, Khlongsuan, Bangbo, Samutprakarn 10560 Thailand
TEL 66-2182-9900