FGN product overview

Our thermal and ultraviolet radiation curable products have been leading the industry based on a long history and market record which provides high reliability to our customers. These products are used for many applications in daily life such as automotive components, cellular phone parts, and cosmetic container/enclosures, etc.

For automotive application, the thermal product lines for RECRACK™, LE, W and UV curable product lines of FUJIHARD™, UVT/UVB are very useful for decoration and protection of interior/exterior components, and for giving weather resistance and scratch resistance to automotive lightings. For cosmetics and cellular phone application, it greatly assists in maintaining durability.

With Thermal products, we are highly acclaimed in our active efforts for reducing environmental problems addressing global specifications. We are among the first to develop environmentally responsive paints (lower solvent emission, non-environmentally harmful) by responding to the request for environmentally friendly products in the automotive industry.

Our UV curable products contribute to reduction of automotive component weight, recycling of paints, and durability of cosmetics and cellular phone parts. We are developing the aspect of environmental friendliness as well with this technology.

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